About us

From being a government recognized Import and export house popular as the Tapovan Impex Private Limited (TIPL), we stepped into amplifying the joyful, emotional experience of delighting good food in your lives. Food is an essential part of the human life and without that life just isn’t as colorful and exciting. Mr. Vikas Makhija, the CEO of Tapovan Impex Private Limited (TIPL), inspired by the idea of his great Grandfather who traded in spices, ventured into the business of merchandizing spices to take the pride of India across the world. With an admiration to carry forward the legacy and spread the rich heritage of Bharat across the oceans, Mr. Vikas Makhija established the Bharat Bazaar in 2005.

The flagship brand of Tapovan embarked with its first product as the red chili powder which still remains to be Bharat Bazaar’s most recognized special product. With a strong passion to bring the taste of India into every home, the venture grew from one product to now selling a plethora of in-house produced finest spices. The business was further expanded to selling decadent bakery products, festival products and kitchenware to carve out great stories that make the brand a memory in the hearts of the customers. We believe in prioritizing the sale of the finest products by which we can better serve our customers and foster a fervent passion for our products. We stepped into the Indian market with a grail to cater every part of society with the luxury of relishing the lavish spices at their budget. Bharat Bazaar was a no easy establishment, it was a rocky journey of pursuing a goal to lay a path towards success and gain the trust of the dear customers.


  • To take the legacy and pride of India across the globe by offering the taste of India everywhere at an affordable price
  • To establish an enduring relationship with the stakeholders by bringing goodness to their lives in an environment of
  • To mark our presence from the rustics to the metropolis by consistently providing sustainable food, safe for consumption and contribute to the hearty living of the people


  • To be the benchmark in the food industry, recognized for contenting customers with exceptional products, business ethics, and integrity
  • To be the frontrunners in customer satisfaction and employee empowerment
  • To be the key unlocking happiness in every household and become the taste every part of the nation cheers for

Core Values

  • Commitment to providing attested, top of the line products for a salutary lifestyle
  • Showing the passion for our products by providing every part of the society with the elite at an economical rate
  • Attention to customer needs and prioritizing their contentment over everything else
  • Giving back to the society that has led us to be in the place we are today
  • Conduct business by being accountable and without compromising integrity
  • Create a dynamic work environment for the employees that they wish to be a part of each day
  • Ensure that our beliefs and values are into enforcement by creating a continual growth culture and build a path towards comprehensive success

Countries in which We Export

Certifications Received

The spices of India reflect our culinary culture and the aroma the Indian land holds always remain to be the most mesmerizing one. Conditioned by the stimulating rigors of Indian cooking, Mr. Vikas Makhija, the CEO of Tapovan Impex Pvt Ltd (TIPL) ventured into the business of spices with its first product as the red chili powder. Bharat Bazaar, the flagship venture of Tapovan was on a roll to take the heritage of India across the oceans. The brand embarked for everyone to recapture the taste of homeland and have a smile on their faces just like you now while holding this pack of edible extravagance. From one product we expanded to selling a plethora of in-house produced finest spices, bakery, festival products and kitchenware. We are on a trip for every household to enchant the delicacy of flavor lurking behind every morsel at a modest rate.

Why wait when you can now be the cook of divine contrivance with these Indian spices. Get started with Bharat Bazaar and set the mood ON!